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Sometimes a phone call isn't enough, and you just want someone to advise whether or not an assessment is necessary.

Or maybe you are a school/nursery/toddler group who has a few children they feel may need an assessment.

A screening assessment is a 20 minute session where the Speech and Language Therapist can observe and/or play with the child, in order to advise whether or not they may benefit from a full assessment.  If an Initial Assessment is recommended and you choose Ready Steady Talk the screening fee will be deducted from the Initial Assessment cost.

Screening assessments are not full assessments, no report is provided, and no formal assessment is carried out.  It is an opportunity for the therapist to informally listen to, observe and/or interact with the child only.

Screening Assessment clinics in Salisbury are advertised here, or if you are a setting with 3+ children we can come to you.



Screening Assessment per child:  £30

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Therapy comes in many forms, and after assessment we can discuss what might work best for you and your child. 


  • Regular 1:1 sessions with the Speech and Language Therapist at your home or the child's school/nursery.  The frequency of these will also depend on the child's need, but don't worry, we can make this decision together.  Sessions are 30 minutes of therapy, with a further 15 minutes to discuss home/school practice.

£70 per session.

  • A home/school program for you to follow.  This will be set out in the form of specific targets that your child is working towards, and a guide of how to get there.

£80 per program.

  • Therapy support.  This is available for children who are following a home/school program, where parents or school staff feel they would benefit from a single demonstration session to make sure that they feel confident in completing the activities.

£70 per 1hr session.

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Our Initial Assessment is usually an hour long session that can be held at your home or the child's school/nursery.  After the session you will receive a written report.

Each child is different, and so is the assessment. Sometimes further assessment may be necessary in order to gain a complete picture of your child's needs. This will always be discussed with you.

Initial Assessment 1hr session with report: £180

Our further assessment sessions are there to look more in depth at specific aspects that become apparent during an Initial Assessment, this could be 1:1 or an observation at their childcare setting.
Further assessment sessions can also be used during/after therapy to track your child's progress.  This can be particularly useful if you have been working on a home/school programme.

Further assessment is only available to children who have already had an initial assessment with Ready Steady Talk.  Usually they do not require an additional report unless requested. 

Rates vary according to individual need.

Further reports can be provided at additional cost.  This varies according to individual need and complexity.

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We offer ELKLAN accredited training to schools, nurseries and parents wishing to develop their understanding of Speech and Language Development.  Some ELKLAN courses allow you to gain a formal qualification in supporting children's Speech, Language and Communication Development.  This can be particularly useful for Teaching Assistants or SENCOs who work with multiple children.  There are also courses available specifically for parents/carers.

We run our courses according to demand, but you can find a complete list of EKLAN courses here:

We can also offer ELKLAN courses online in many cases so you don't need to be local to us.

Training fees are bespoke,                        to discuss your requirements